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I had blog going under the same address but I decided to update it’s appearance and use WordPress theme for it. One thing I didn’t realized that it will wipe all my previous entries. So if you wish to see what’s been going on prior to this point visit one of my social accounts:

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There’s a lot happening in a month so I am narrowing it down to five things. Here we go:

1. I started to create my own content. Monologues and scenes. First one was added this week. I am planning to add more material consistently.

2. I appeared on “Moments of Clarity with Tiffany Werhner” radio show on WTAN radio talking about my life journey. Thanks to radio station and the host Tiffany Werhner  this was recorded and you can listen to it here:


Tiffany is doing inspiring work as a mental health counselor. Find out more by going to these links:



3. I took a week off and spent amazing time in a middle of nowhere in Virginia to refresh myself for another round in Los Angeles. It was a great spent time in peace and I tested out lenses I bought for my Galaxy S6 phone.

20160823_151533 20160823_151754

IMG_20160823_072550 IMG_20160824_193814

4. I shot with Virginia based photographer Rob Taylor while being on vacation on Smith Mountain Lake, VA. Rob have unique eye on photography and currently building his portfolio . Please see his work at https://500px.com/robtc

Rob’s IG:  @robtailorcase             Rob’s MM: Mayhem # 3118299

IMG_20160827_170240 IMG_20160829_170937

5. In the beginning of this year I started work on The Canyon Walkers project at Laguna College of Art and Design. It is a huge sculpting project led by Brittany Ryan who is dedicated and courageous on taking over such a big job.

Progress of the project in pictures can be viewed and followed here: Canyon Walkers


Let’s see what September will bring…

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