Hi all,

I am very late

For September update

Oh well…


Month of September was all about creating own content and learning behind the camera work. I believe that this will improve my look on the modelling and acting craft and industry itself.


Film “Water” that I starred in is a Screen Actor’s Guild job that I got a principal role in, which – technically – makes me eligible to join the union. One issue is with this project that film won’t get done in very long time. So, I went to speak to the GoNuts Production and made a deal. John Luksetich (director) was very kind to agree and take my offer of editing my own scene by myself. This is my first editing job for a feature film and I am very excited to do this. Most of the work on that scene is done already and I have only couple of days left to work on it. I will update on posting it out in social media.


I got more comfortable with editing now and I wrote couple of monologues and instead of filming it in front of the plain color backdrop I went out on open and did my filming on locations. I will work on these and post these after I am done with the “WATER:Coffee Shop” I mentioned about in a first paragraph.


I am making effort to go out there and shoot with photographers I haven’t worked with yet and it’s amazing how many talented people are out there. Here’s a spread out from my photoshoot with Logan Nava.



We’ll see what October will bring…

September 2016

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