This will be a joint two months blog post.

October is great for many things. Colourful decaying of nature, pumpkin spiced stuff, cosy sweaters and the kind of cold that is still nice and not dreading as winter approaches. November, however, is a reminder of how crazy everyone gets with Holiday season approaching and also a reminder about all those things we promised ourselves to get done this year and we did not achieve.


These two months will be covered featuring media. Stuff I was working on last month is done and out on the web.

Here we go.

  • Two monologues I wrote, filmed and edited are out on my Youtube channel:


  • I starred as a lead in a short film created by Bob Chen. This film carries a message about difficulties that gay couples face within a system. I am very glad to be part of this project. We need these messages to make us aware if not educate. It is in post-production right now.



  • I did a great desert inspired photo shoot with Sharon Allicotti. We were working a lot on her art together but this time it was something different and the result was amazing. You can find it all on my Instagram account www.instagram.com/sergemodelactor




  • At this exact moment I am travelling Thailand. There are no human created words that could describe how great this place is. I will write a separate blog to cover my trip. 


October/November 2016

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